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Cambridge Rock Festival, 2019

A Bit About The Festival

The 15th annual Cambridge Rock Festival returned to it's previous home at Haggis Farm, Barton, just outside Cambridge city. It featured two equal main stages with bands spread across them and organisers made every effort to schedule them to minimise overlaps, letting fans see as much as possible of each band that they like. A third, small acoustic stage was also added and this also featured two late-night astronomy lectures!

The C.R.F. started as the Rockinbeerfest before changing its name to emphasise the musical side but it still features numerous real ales and local ciders and in 2018 added a gin & Prosecco bar. This year offered a fantastic line-up of nearly 70 classic rock, progressive rock, blues and acoustic acts, spread over the three stages on four days. Perhaps most importantly of all the CRF, which is run by volunteers (including some of the PA, staging and lighting providers!), provides the friendliest atmosphere you could hope for and indeed they made great efforts to help festival-goers get cars out of the mud following a torrential downpour - though fans themselves stayed dry inside the marquees that housed every stage!

Photos of a majority of the bands are included here - the inevitable clashes, other duties (and wanting to watch some of them!) made photographing them all impossible!

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Festival Photographs


Ruby Stage

Don Airey and friends Kingdom Of Madness The Brink

Sapphire Stage

The Pure Floyd Show Creedence Clearwater Rev. Cornerstone

Emerald Stage


Steve Logan


Ruby Stage

F M Cats In Space The Mentulls 4th Labyrinth

Pearl Handled Revolver

Porcelain Hill Light Skies Darken

Pale Horse

Sapphire Stage

seYes Winter In Eden Hayley Griffiths Band Mother Black Cap Grace Dandelion Charm The Far Meadow

Emerald Stage

Dave Thomas

The Jo Ash Trio


Kimberley & Lee

Matthew North

Astronomy Lecture

Boyd Bowdish - The LSST


Ruby Stage

Caravan Franck Carducci The Room Mary Reynaud Square Wild T Clemente Band Keith Pearson Band

Sapphire Stage

Jackie Wilson Says

Steve Rodgers

Ben Poole

Lexie Green

The Mustangs

Blues Boy Kings

Chris King Robinson

Selective Collective

Emerald Stage

Old Country Crossfire

Paul Cook Blues Band

Matt Pearce

Mark Shepherd

Johnny Wright & Max Bianco

Astronomy Lecture

Andy Green - Aurora


Ruby Stage

Atomic Rooster Son Of Man Mostly Autumn Doris Brendel Voda Haxan The Blackheart Orchestra

Sapphire Stage

All New Blues & Soul Revue

Big Ten

John Otway Big Band Chris Bevington Org'n Roadhouse Southbound

JFK Blues

Paprika Blues Band

Emerald Stage

Tom McCartney


Rich Young & Ted Hoehorst


Stella Hensley & Barefoots

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