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HRH AOR 6 Festival 2018

Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park, Pwllheli

A Bit About The Festival

The sixth AOR festival run by the promoters of 'Hard Rock Hell' was held indoors in two buildings, offering a main and second stage, plus a separate unplugged stage for VIPs etc. As with other HRH events at this location, it ran over three days (Thursday to Saturday).

These photos feature most of Friday and Saturday's bands and as usual was well organised and ran smoothly, with loads of well received, great music!

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Festival Photographs

Main Stage


Night Ranger BulletBoys Aaron Buchanan & the Cult Classics The Radio Sun Jac Dalton Daylight Robbery Cruzh The King Lot


The Quireboys Dare Enuff Z'Nuff LittleCaesar JoanOvArc

Stage Two


Lawless The Room Naked Gone Savage Empyre Iconic Eye C.O.P. UK Fugitive


Wildheart S.I.N. Last Great Dreamers Chasing Dragons Nunchucker

Unplugged stage


The Room

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