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Cambridge Rock Festival, 2016

A Bit About The Festival

The 13th annual Cambridge Rock Festival, this year at its fantastic new venue of Horseheath Lodge, and sponsored by Black Barn Records. Contrary to many national news reports the CRF was not kicked off of the old site; rather their was a positive decision to seek somewhere better, followed by months of investigation by the organisers. Just when it seemed none could be found, Horseheath Lodge was offered and gratefully accepted

The C.R.F. started as the Rockinbeerfest before changing its name to emphasise the musical side but it still features numerous real ales and local ciders. This year offered a fantastic line-up of almost 80 classic rock, progressive rock, blues and acoustic acts, spread over three stages on four days, and for the first time with two equal "main" stages. Also this year the small number of tribute bands (just four!) were given their own 'named' stage. Perhaps most importantly of all the CRF provides the friendliest atmosphere you could hope for.

This year suffered from a number of late, and very late, cancellations due to some serious illnesses, resulting in some interesting late changes and an 'AOR' stage that, due to circumstances, had less AOR than intended!

Most main and second stage bands are included here plus a random selection of Acoustic stage bands - the inevitable clashes, other duties (and wanting to watch some of them!) made photographing them all impossible!

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Festival Photographs

AOR Stage


Voodoo Blood Moritz Searching Grey The Room

Rock & Prog Stage


F M Tygers Of Pan Tang Chantel McGregor T Clemente Band 4th Labyrinth Maverick


Eddie and The Hotrods Son Of Man John Otway Big Band Last Great Dreamers Headline Maniac JFK Blue Kinky Wizzards


Atomic Rooster Magenta Deborah Bonham Mostly Autumn Bad Touch Cairo Kyrbgrinder

Tribute Stage


Too Rex Aladdinsane Bootleg Boss The Lizzy

BluesRock Stage


Jason and the Skagonauts Doris Brendel Blacktop Deluxe Chris Bevington Organisation The Hot One Two


Buster James Sarah Dean Pearl Handled Revolver Split Whiskers Captain Horizon


Roadhouse Ben Poole Red Butler Laurence Jones London Blusion Big River A Twisted State Of Mind

Acoustic Stage


D'Ukes Blackheart Orchestra Steve Logan Claudia & The Braidy Bunch


Jo Ash Rich Young John Wright Session Band Clive Cowan


Heather Findlay Trio Sheri Kershaw Midnight Crisis


Odin Dragonfly Selective Collective Sarah Dean

Around The Cambridge Rock Festival

Site and sights Monday morning, after the C.R.F.


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