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Blackthorn Music Festival 2016

A Bit About The Festival

The fourth Blackthorn Music Festival was again held at White Bottom Farm, in the picturesque Etherow Park, in Compstall, Greater Manchester.

Yet another (fourth) stage was added this year and the event site and camp site swapped around. The main stage (inside a barn) again played host to a mixture of indie, rock and pop, with mostly original music, but some tribute acts on Friday, with a lightly amplified acoustic/country stage and two alternative stages inside medium sized marquees.

The festival ran from late afternoon on Friday, throughout Saturday and finished early evening on Sunday. In total around 75 acts appeared, making it difficult to see them all - around two thirds are shown here.

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Festival Photographs

Main Stage


Bootleg Beatles Kazabian Antarctic Monkeys Cruel Kingdom


Barron New York Tourists Billy Bibby And The Wry Smiles Brinks The Rideouts Josephine And The Artisans Shadow Palace


Maximo Park Eliza And The Bear The Lottery Winners Pacific The Matchstickmen LibertyShip No One Sun Lowrise

The Meadow Stage


Craig Charles Dile Happy Daggers Bright Black


Dub Sex Stella Grundy Dave Fidler The Cornelius Crane Sittin' Pretty Run Out The Guns Bravado Cartel


The Tapestry Cabbage Heavy On The Magic Little Sparrow OK Broken Northern Knights Dollar Bombers

The Paddock Stage


No Hot Ashes Larkins The Types Gas Panic Good Foxy Educated Risk


Sixty Minute Man Sly Antics Rum Thief Louie Louie Jess Kemp

The Country Stage


Ellie Dibben Narn


Demi Marriner Southern Junction Two Ways Home Paris Georgia

Around The Blackthorn Music Festival

Site and sights - Friday Site and sights - Saturday Site and sights - Sunday

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