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Blackthorn Music Festival 2014

A Bit About The Festival

The second Blackthorn Music Festival was again held at White Bottom Farm, in the picturesque Etherow Park, in Compstall, Greater Manchester.

This year a second stage was added, featuring predominantly acoustic acts, whilst the main stage (inside a barn) played host to a mixture of indie, rock and pop, both original music and covers bands, with a tribute band to end the event.

The festival ran from late afternoon on Friday, throughout Saturday and finished early evening on Sunday. Virtually everyone who played is shown here.

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Festival Photographs

Main Stage


Dodgy Sandboy King Kartel Kassoma Polkadodge


Reverend & The Makers Tapestry Puppet Rebellion Less Than Sober Mohawk Radio Kazo Maisetto Slow Readers Club Rum Thief Millhouse No Hot Ashes


Kings Ov Leon Matchstickmen Alex Blood And The Diggers Doug Perkins And Spectaculars Richie Syrett A Few Good Men A Witness

Big Slice Acoustic Stage


Jed Is Dead Matt Hamer T.G.Elias Alex Hulme Horses On The Move Jess Kemp My Lyrical Mind


John Mackie Maia David Liversidge Katie O'Malley Logan Stryx Levy Uke Up Wee Kris Tom Barrow The Hayes Sisters Jackson Wolf Race To The Sea


Leon BSR Toni Etherson Bloco Ashe Faitaia Stuart Bray Caiolfhionn Rose

Around The Blackthorn Music Festival

Site and sights - Friday Site and sights - Saturday Site and sights - Sunday

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