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Cambridge Rock Festival, 2009

A Bit About The Festival

The first annual Cambridge Rock Festival at the Haggis Farm Polo Club venue. The festival had previously been called the Rockinbeerfest, which summed it up well! Excellent rocking music with a real-ale bar, and great atmosphere.

Now an excuse! All the pictures for this festival were taken with a Pentax K20D digital SLR camera. At the time, technology was less advanced and mid-range cameras were less capable than in later years with the result that, with less capable lenses, they are grainier even at ISO 1600 than they would be now. Many of the evening ones were taken at 1/60th sec as well, so not as sharp as they might be. Of course, they were all taken without the use of flash. These are the only reasonable ones.

Although the organisers were badly let down by the sound crew on the main stage, resulting in considerable overruns, the festival was a big success and those that were present survived in all in great humour. The Larry Miller band, headlining the second stage on Saturday, came back for six (or was in seven) encores! Those problems never occurred before and have not done since - so if you went in 2009 and haven't been back, you really should do. It's the friendliest festival around, with the bonus of great music!

These pictures represent only a handful of around 100 bands that played over the four days.

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Uriah Heep Larry Miller Band Manning Ray Owen's Juicy Lucy Emerald Sky


Asia Focus Touchstone Breathing Space

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