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HRH Prog Festival, Rotherham

April 2013

Pictures from 10 other concerts and some details on the Touchstone Index Page

Playing on the (concrete floor level) second prog 'stage' area, in near freezing conditions,
with virtually no lighting - just 4 small red LED lights pointing toward the stage.
Pictures taken mostly at ISO 6400 - a few at 12,800 - so aplogies for the grainyness!

Thumbnails or PC layout photos here

These photos are optimised for a phone,
portrait first, landscape ones follow

Moo models the Touchstone uniform for the evening - wear as much as possible, and make sure it's black!
At this point, getting any half-decent photos, in extremely low light without flash, was not looking hopeful!

Captain Blue does his best impression of Captain Black - nicely hidden in an unlit corner. . . .

One of the ISO 12,800 pics

Rotate phone now!!

Henry tries out the shared 'indie' drum kit

The 'balcony'. There were actually four blue LED lights too - all usefully pointing upwards. . .

An Elkie-eye view of the audience. It was actually fairly packed - but only enough space for about 70 people.

Looks like someone else used flash at the same time - almost a half decent picture!

Pictures from 10 other concerts and some details on the Touchstone Index Page

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