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Manchester Sound Control

July 2013

Pictures from 8 other concerts and some details on the Panic Room Index Page

The final date of the SKIN tour, supported by Morpheus Rising.
That was just as well as they borrowed their lead guitarist Pete Harwood for the tour!
It's well worth mentioning the venue too - despite being the hottest day of the year (so far)
they had air-conditioing running throughout, making the venue a pleasure to be in.
Coupled with that, sensible volume levels so everything was crystal clear whilst not quiet,
effective lighting and minimasl (if any) use of smoke machines so getting pictures was feasible!
Helpful management and staff too - if only all small venues were like this.. ..
Ought to mention the gig too - it was also a superb set and a candidate for gig-of-the-year.
Only quibble - Jonathan (keyboards) hidden behind the speakers and virtually unlit - so just one (poor) pic.

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Pictures from 8 other concerts and some details on the Panic Room Index Page

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